Dover400 Work Teams

What are Work Teams?

Much of the planning and executing of Dover’s 400 th Anniversary celebration is being done by work teams
that report to the Dover400 committee on a monthly basis. These work teams are led by committee
members, but the true heart of the work teams comes from our community volunteers. Below are the work
teams we have, a brief description of their focus, and any openings available. If you would like to join a
work team, please contact the group chair!

2021 Events Work Team: Celebrating Our Past
Chairs: Cathy Beaudoin & J. Andrew Galt

This work team is planning events and celebrations for the 2021 calendar year. They will be focusing on
Dover’s history from 1623-present, including the city’s founding, notable historical events, and significant

2022 Events Work Team: Celebrating the Cultures of Dover
Chairs: Sam Crane & Stephanie Bolduc

Dover is a city of many different cultures, from the Native Americans who were here when the English
arrived, to the French and Irish who worked the mills, to our newer arrivals from Central America and
Indonesia. Events in 2022 will allow members of our community to share their cultures and allow us all
the opportunity to learn about the people that make this city thrive..

2023 Events Work Team: Celebrating our Future
Chairs: Sam Crane & Stephanie Bolduc

2023 marks 400 years since our founding! It is our chance to celebrate all that makes Dover an incredible
place to live while looking forward to the next 400 years. We’ll be working on projects to help the city grow
stronger in the future, hosting fireworks and a parade (see the Parade committee below for more details!),
and generally enjoying this key date in our existence.

Finance and Budget Work Team
Chair: Kathy Morrison

Managing the budget finances of the committee involves accounting for city-allocated funds, revenue
from merchandise sales and events, donations, and tracking expenditures. This work team oversees all
financial matters for the Dover400, and helps to allocate funds for different events and vendors depending
on the needs of the committee.

Flag Redesign Work Team
Chair: Zak Koehler

Flags are important symbols that reflect the values and symbols of an area and represent its people. A
strong flag speaks for itself and is easily adopted as a symbol for a community. The Flag Redesign work
team will be working with the community to reimagine the city flag that can represent us into the future.
This work team will recommend a revised flag to the City Council.

Fundraising Work Team
Chair: Karen Weston

Non-profits depend on fundraising efforts to complete their missions, and the Dover400 is no different.
The fundraising work team builds relationships with business and individuals interested in supporting the
mission of Dover400, defines sponsorship tiers and benefits, and hosts fundraising events and drives to
help generate financial support for the celebration.

Community Relations Work Team
Chair: Robert Carrier

Dover is full of small communities of different people brought together by common interests, and while
many of our committee members have ties to those groups, we do not have ties to them all. The

Community Relations work team was formed to reach out to different community groups around Dover,
introduce them to the efforts of the Dover400, and engage them in events and celebrations over the
coming years.

Public Relations/Communication Work Team
Chairs: Angela Carter & Sam Allen

The Public Relations/Communication work team creates and coordinates all media releases, social media
posts, and signage related to any Dover400 efforts. Their efforts are crucial to engaging and informing the
community, especially through social media.

Project Management Committee
Chair: Nicole Desjarlais-Paulick

The Project Management work team is responsible for managing the nonprofit status of Dover400,
overseeing the website and master events calendar, communicating with the State of New Hampshire (as
needed), and for general coordination of the efforts of all the Dover400 work teams. Please Note: This committee is not

accepting new members at this time.

Perpetuity Work Team
Chair: J. Andrew Galt

To mark the significance of our 400th anniversary for future generations, the Perpetuity Committee is
planning a permanent installment or memorial to be placed in Dover. Volunteers will assist in designing
the memorial, selecting a location, and planning a dedication.